How to setup the right way for data analysis

Hi, Folks! Welcome to new additions to our learning Data Analysis, Big Data with python, R, Julia etc.We will try to make it simple and explain and look up to produce easy content to help you learn with Machine Learning Concepts as well.Well, I started to learn data analysis and Big Data recently and got a chance to play and will share the experiences with examples and tutorials.we are going to share lots of knowledge to get started for beginners in Big data and Data analysis in python.
So let's get started with important steps of setting up or installing the required environment for data analysis.
We can use python or interactive notebooks for data analysis.

ipython_notebook installation

Do you already have python installed ?

1)Installing IPython

There are multiple ways of installing IPython. This page contains simplified installation instructions that should work for most users. thidocumentation contains more detailed instructions for manual installation targeted at advanced users and developers.
If you are looking for installation documentation for the notebook and/or qtconsole, those are now part of Jupyter.
I have Python installed 
If you already have Python installed and are familiar with installing packages, you can get IPython with pip:
pip install ipython

if you dont have python installed
  1. Download and install Continuum’s Anaconda or the free edition of Enthought’s Canopy.
  2. Update IPython to the current version using the Terminal:
Once Downloaded set the environment variables to launch it from cmd.

SETPATH as C:\Users\Anaconda2;C:\Users\Anaconda2\Scripts;C:\Users\Anaconda2\Library\bin;

The path needs to added from Anaconda downloaded and installed location.

2)Validating Installation:

Open cmd and type 


Next Type:


Launching Interactive notebook
Type:ipython notebook or jupyter notebook


This will launch a interactive notebook in browser

Note: If any of the things are not working please make sure to check your environment variables.

In the next post we are going to learn on working with jupyter notebook and getting started with basic numerical analysis in python(with detailed post :- ) and notebook samples).


lisa D said…
Do we have any alternative to anaconda ?
You can install canopy from Enthought which is added in post.Thanks!
Neeraj pande said…
Thanks Sir! For posting it

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